After Metz in 2010, now Marseille 2011: big disappointment for tournament directors with 2 french players, Gasquet and Monfils Edition Actualités

Gasquet and Monfils announce their withdrawal in Marseille 2011. Same story as Metz tournament 2010. It seems like for Gaël Monfils and Richard Gasquet, to compete in their own country is not so important. Gasquet choose to be in Zagreb instead of Marseille, while Monfils is flying to USA, during Marseille ATP 250. Both of them were supposed to be playing in Marseille, reason why Marseille tournament director Jean-François Caujolle get surprised and very disappointed. Same disappointment as Open de Moselle directors, last fall.

Remember in Metz, during Open de Moselle 2010 in september, those two same players had already scratch the tournament at the last minute. Monfils and Gasquet should realize their decisions have several consequences, organisation staff disappointment, and spectators disillusion.


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